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A planting of the Lord

In 2023, we found ourselves having to temporarily leave our home in Wildwood and we ended up meeting in Beaconside.

With much prayer, we feel God spoke to us at this time about the next season for Wildwood Church.

We received a prophetic word from a good friend of the church, Eric, who said ‘this is a planting of the Lord’ and ‘God is bringing the nations to you’. At the same time, we received another prophetic word from another friend of ours, Sarah, who said this:

I had the picture of a river flowing in Wildwood and Stafford.

I felt that the river had flowed in the same way for a while, taking the same route through the town but I saw the river now taking different courses and life starting to flow outside of the channels that had always been used. The encouragement here was to look for new ways of expressing the life of God, not expecting Him to work in the same ways and through the same connections.

There was also a sense that God would not be contained by structures and previously hewn conduits, but could break out of those to make new canals and spaces for the water, seeking out new places to irrigate and touch.

Finally, we received another prophetic word from our friend, Josh, saying that Wildwood church is to be like the tree of life described in Revelation 22:2:

The tree of life was on each side of the river, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, producing its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree are for healing the nations...

This section of scripture was not written about us, but it provided a picture through which God could communicate prophetically to us about what He has planned for us: a stretching of our area of influence and a particular call to reach the nations (more below).

We weighed up these words, along with many other encouragements from within the church, and, as a result, we committed to meeting at Beaconside for the foreseeable, looking forward to the new thing that God is doing with us.


Our logo is a reminder of these words we received:


The fact the tree of life is somehow on both sides of the river spoke to our situation. We are not simply in Wildwood but reaching over both sides of the River Sow and Penk to Beaconside and the town of Stafford as a whole.

It seems that God was not changing our area of influence - as if we should leave our roots in Wildwood behind - but expanding our area of influence. We believe this season is not an extraction but an expansion for Wildwood church. A call to stretch.


Between the two trees you may notice the river flowing between them. This also points to the prophetic word we received which said that "there is a river flowing in Wildwood and Stafford". We want to remember to explore all the new avenues and areas that God wants us to touch with His life-giving water.


The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. We believe that God is bringing the nations to us and, through us, God will bring salvation and blessing to the nations.


We are full of faith for what God has next for us!

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