Wildwood Church Stafford is an extended church family that normally gathers in Wildwood, Stafford.

We exist to bring the good news of Jesus to everyone in town.

We believe that Christian faith is more than meetings - it's about sharing God's life together.

As a local church expression of Christian belief, we partner with other Christian churches and networks around the world - please find more details below:   

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Wildwood Church, Stafford is a member of the Evangelical Alliance, and affirms its Basis of Faith

We humbly and lovingly believe that the best thing for our families, friends, neighbours, nation and world is that they live their lives with Jesus, too.


We are part of the ChristCentral Churches network - itself part of the Newfrontiers family - with our distinctives as:


​Being friends, enjoying God together

Building churches empowered by Word and Spirit

Advancing the Kingdom, transforming the world

Reaching nations, making disciples

Our values - the things that we hold dear - are neatly explained in a Newfrontiers booklet you can access here

We're describing in words, but it's actually just about people:
imperfect people, who have experienced the love of God expressed in Jesus, and are now living and serving together for Him.  Come and see!


Wildwood Church, Stafford is a member of the Love Stafford church network.

We enjoy good relationships with other Christian churches in our town.