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So much of what it means to be church is worked out in our lifegroups.

We want to devote ourselves to the word, to friendship, to prayer and ultimately to Jesus (Acts 2:42). 

Our Sunday services are really important times to worship, hear the word together and enjoy the gifts that God has given to the whole body of believers at Wildwood. But lifegroups provide a unique opportunity to: 

  • ask questions about the Bible together 

  • invest in closer relationships 

  • develop our gifts to build one another up

  • encourage one another in our witness to those who don’t yet know Jesus

  • worship the Lord Jesus with friends

  • pray for breakthroughs together

  • welcome new people

Lifegroups are smaller groups of about 5-15 people that meet in various locations across town. We have groups that meet during the day on Tuesdays and in the evening on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

If you’d like to join a lifegroup, please fill out the form below and we can give you some more information or chat with us on a Sunday!

Interested in joining a lifegroup?

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