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Church history

Here are some steps in our church’s history:

1970s   the Wildwood Estate is built

1977     People start meeting in homes on Wildwood, in small Bible study groups. They are encouraged and supported by local Anglican curate John Webb, who starts a Pram Service in the hut left behind by the builders as a Community Centre

1980s   The number of Christians meeting continues to grow and, with the support of several churches across Stafford, Sunday morning services start. Wildwood Christian Fellowship charity 515346 is formed

1983     Sunday Morning meetings move to the new Wildwood Community Centre


1989     Partnership begins with churches led by William Barnard in Monrovia, West Africa

1991   First church leader - Peter Russell – appointed

1998   Bernard Glover and Nick Cox appointed as church leaders  
1999   Peter and Maureen Russell leave for Shrewsbury


2003   Bernard Glover commissioned as Leader of Wildwood Christian Fellowship
WCF joins Newfrontiers, an international network of charismatic churches led by Terry Virgo


2005   Sunday Morning meetings move to Barnfields Primary School 

2008    The Gateway (a former GP’s surgery) is opened as a community hub and church offices. 
Markus and Leah Weber start working as youth pastors


2010    Bernard and Anne-Marie Glover leave for Dublin, and Graham Russell heads the leadership team

2012    Newfontiers becomes several different spheres, including ChristCentral Churches led by Jeremy Simpkins 

2013    WCF is renamed Wildwood Church, Stafford 

2014    Markus Weber becomes church leader

2016    new Wildwood Church Stafford charity 1169325 created, and all operations transferred from the older WCF charity over               the following years 

2020    Sunday morning in-person meetings suspended due to Covid-19 – and broadcasts / meetings continue online 

2021     Sunday morning gatherings are back, with internet broadcasts also available


2023    We moved to gathering in Beaconside following the flooding of Barnfields Primary School. We felt God confirm that he                wanted us to stay from the prophetic words that we received.

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