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New to church?

Below you can find some frequently asked questions if you're not sure what to expect!

What happens?

Before the service there is time to chat. At 10:30 we start with some songs led by a small band followed by church announcements and a talk based on biblical teaching.

What should I wear?

People wear whatever they are comfortable in. Please feel free to wear what ever you want. Most people dress casually.

Are there children's activities?

Yes. Children and youth go out roughly 20 minutes into the service to their own activities. We have groups for both primary and high school age. If you come with a younger child you're welcome to stay in the main service. Don't worry if they make a bit of noise!

What happens after?

After the service there is plenty of time to get in touch and to talk with other people of the church family with tea and coffee.

Will it cost?

There is no charge! 

Can someone show me around?

Just speak to one of the welcome team at the entrance, they would love to show you around!

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