growing together

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So what do we do now, what do I do now? 

With all that’s happened over the last year, many questions have been raised, and  there are no easy responses. However, as Christians we do want to pursue God together in such uncertain times. 

Using some practical review questions, we will invite you to reflect on your journey of faith, to hear how God is prompting you, and to consider how you can work out your discipleship in the context of our local church.

We’ll pray, and ask:  So, now . . What will I do?  What will WE do?  

Everyone is welcome, whatever your stage of faith, and, don’t worry, you won’t have to share your innermost thoughts with the group(!)
But it will get you thinking and - hopefully – doing,
as we pursue God together in uncertain times.  

Wed March 3  2021    8 - 9:30pm    zoom link here  

Any questions / more details - please contact Rob.