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Whatever led you here we want you to be very welcome.
Our Church is open to everyone and we meet on Sundays at 10.30am at Barnfields School but also have way more to offer throughout the week. 


Find out everything you need to know below or get in touch with us: 97756 24723

Sunday Celebrations

Yes. Children and youth are going out roughly 20min into the service. We have groups for 3 to 6 and 7 to 10 yearolds as well as Youth Church in an other building for everyone above that age. There is also an extra room for toddlers that can be used anytime.

are there children's activities?

After the service there is plenty of time to get in touch and to talk with other people of the church family with tea, coffee and some cake.

what happens after?

will it cost?

We don't charge anything for coming to our Sunday celebrations and other program throughout the week. For people that want to give we have a box at the back of the room. But we don't expect new people in our church to give anything.

can someone show me around?

We would really like to show you around. Just contact us and we will arrange something. We also always have a welcome team at the entrance of the school which you can ask anything you want to know.

what happens?

Before the service there is time to chat with tea and coffee, then we start of with some songs led by a small band and are having some latest church announcements. Then one of our pastors will distribute a sermon on relevant bible topics.

what do people wear?

People wear whatever they are comftable in. Please feel free to wear what ever you want. Most people dress casually.

Get involved


We also have lots of other activities throughout the week that you are very welcome to attend. So please get involved and look through the many different things that we offer and just give it a go.
We also have a vast range of youth program every week.

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