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Easter 2021 is different !
Here are the LATEST details of our Easter plans.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

EGGstravaganza 16-9 background.jpg
A4 Colour Poster.jpg

here are some more poster downloads for you to colour and display: 

Colouring Page.jpg
Colouring Page 1.jpg
Colouring Page 2.jpg
Colouring Page 3.jpg
Easter Trail.jpg

Come along to our covid-safe Easter Trail:


  • suitable for everyone - ideal for young children

  • receive your starter pack at The Gateway
    (ST17 4SB - next to Wildwood Pub)


  • go for a short walk, following the trail on the footpaths around the area

  • each of the 10 stations comes with a fun activity, question or challenge

  • finish at The Gateway and claim your prize


Everyone is welcome to our Good Friday reflection.

This gathering is designed as a COVID-safe time, following the latest guidelines, so:


  • please wear your facemask,

  • attend only if you have no symptoms,

  • all contributions will follow physical distancing,   

  • no opportunity for 'mingling',

  • but smiling + waving are encouraged!

Good Friday
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