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Dreaming the Impossible




Staffordshire County Showground


DTI is a Christian youth camp for young people between 12-18. DTI is about inspiring and equipping young people to love God, love others and change the world. Outside of the main meetings there’s load of time for the young people to hang out with their friends. There will be seminars which cover lots of different topics relating to how young people live as well as explore cafes, sports, music, films and other fun activities that are going on until late in the evening!






Sat 1 Aug – Tue 4 Aug

What is DTI?


£ 110 (if booked before 20/12/2019) Includes all food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and camping

in our own tents. If interested ask someone of our youth for a booking form and return it with full

booking fees as soon as possible.
For further details contact Stephen Adamson: 

Help with fees is available but needs to be applied for from the youth worker.

For more information click here.

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