You’re Welcome!

You’re Welcome!

If drama always gives us a new insight, then the presentation of Hannah’s life on Sunday was no exception. Robin’s innovative service had something for everyone as we worshipped together, but the demonstration of how not to welcome someone to church was particularly dramatic!

We might not routinely accuse visitors of being drunk just because they are praying, but how welcoming are we? Did you notice who sat next to you last Sunday?

We want to demonstrate Christ’s love in all we do – in our Life groups as well as on Sundays. We hope that everyone who visits Wildwood Church, attends an event or just meets one of us, experiences the presence of God through His Spirit, and His love through His people. We also want to give people an opportunity to find out more. We are currently running Alpha, for people who want to get to know Jesus, and will shortly be starting Welcome to Wildwood, a short course to help people understand who we are, our story and our vision.

So don’t be like Eli; resolve to be welcoming and remember the church exists for the benefit of those who don’t yet belong!

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