Who does God say you are?

Who does God say you are?

Greetings from Tajikistan-one of the more remote and different countries that I have had the privilege to visit! (For those who want to find it, locate Afghanistan and go up one country.)
And yet as I write this at a deserted roadside cafe, one thing strikes me: at heart people are the same the world over. However different they look and however strange their language and customs (and both are very strange here!) the heart of the person is the same, and so our needs are the same. However we look on the outside, inside we all need to be loved, to have identity and to know that we have purpose.

So as we start our new series called ‘Your Are’ this Sunday we are exploring universal and important truths. You are not just a collection of molecules rattling around in a random shape! We are, you and me, designed and created by a heavenly Father with an eternal purpose. More than that, if you are a Christian you are a new creation: recreated, chosen and special….

But much more of that over the next few weeks! Be sure to come along and find out who God says you are!”

On Sunday
  • Markus Weber finished our mini-series on our Church Vision this Sunday – he looked at “Showing His Love”. If you missed it you can download it here or get a tape from Jane Russell.
  • You can look at a digital copy of the weekly news sheet here.
This week at Wildwood Church
  • On Friday (3rd May) there will be a prayer meeting at the Gateway from 8pm. Join us as we pray about our church youth work in general and specifically about the upcoming trip to newday and our impact year students (current and future).
  • In our Sunday Celebration this week Garry Bateman will begin our new series entitled “You are…” looking at our identity in Christ. He will be speaking about “Jesus says… you are!”. Flyers are available at church or from the Gateway so you can invite your family and friends. Contact Sue for more details.
  • After our Sunday Celebration there will be lunch at the Gateway for anyone who would like to come along. Contact Crystal for more details.
Coming up soon…

  • Sun 12th May – Our Sunday Celebration will be held in the Community Centre, not Barnfields school.
  • Sat 1st June – Coach trip to Defford Air Day – Jane Russell is organising a coach trip (cost £10-15) to the Air Day which is raising funds for the Mission Aviation Fellowship. Contact Jane Russell or read the news sheet for more details.
  • Fri 14th – Sun 16th June: “Together at Borderlands” at Cefn Lea. Come and join us for an exciting weekend away with other churches in our Borderlands Region! Contact Sue for more details.
  • Mon 8th July: Shakespeare at the Castle. Contact Jane Russell for more details.
Other Notices:
  • Liberia Update – Following on from our exciting “Building Together” last week there have been two further pledges towards the Sponsorship Programme!!
  • Newday Sponsored Bike Ride – A big thank you to everyone who sponsored the newday-bike-ride on Sunday afternoon. They had a great time together and raised an amazing total of over £1200 to help fund the newday trip.
  • Newday Equipment – Laura Green writes: We will be catering for the group, and would like to borrow some equipment if possible. We will need the following items:
    • Two double ring camping stoves
    • A camping fridge
    • A freezer
    • Several water canisters (including barrel style with tap)
    • 3 or 4 large saucepans
    • Camping kettle
    • 2 kitchen bins
If you have any of these items, or know of anyone else who would be willing to lend them to us for the week (29th Sept-4th August), please let Laura Green know.
  • For anyone planning to attend the Public meetings about Stafford Hospital tonight or tomorrow they have both been moved to Staffordshire County Showground due to high demand. Start time 7pm.
Prayer Focus:
If you have any prayer requests which you would like to share with the church send them to pray@wcf-stafford.org. And if you would like to get involved and commit to praying regularly please contact Bukky at the same email address.
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