What does God think about? Your weekly update about goings on at Wildwood Church

What does God think about?

What does God think about? Maybe that’s not a question you ever consider? But David was sure that, as a loving father, God thinks about us a lot (have a look at Psalm 139).
So, next time you are feeling left out and unloved, remember your heavenly Father loves you, pours out His grace on and wants you to spend time with Him: Try it!

On Sunday

  • Graham Russell continued the mini-series on our Church Vision this Sunday – he looked at “God’s Church”. If you missed it you can download it here or get a tape from Jane Russell.
  • You can look at a digital copy of the weekly news sheet here.
This week at Wildwood Church
  • In our Sunday Celebration this week Markus Weber will continue our mini series on the Church Vision. He will be speaking about “Showing His Love”.
Coming up soon…
  • Fri 14th – Sun 16th June: “Together at Borderlands” at Cefn Lea. Come and join us for an exciting weekend away with other churches in our Borderlands Region! Prices go up at the end of April. Contact Sue for more details.
  • Mon 8th July: Shakespeare at the Castle. Contact Jane Russell for more details.
Other Notices:
  • Building Together: On Tuesday evening when the cell groups met together we talked about a number of areas of church life. Graham led us in a time of prayer in which we considered how we as individuals could contribute to the growth of the church. The pictures attached to this email show some of the responses that we gave.
  • Liberia Update:
    The two schools receiving sponsorship towards payment of their teachers’ salaries have asked Bishop Barnard to extend their thanks and appreciation for all our help over recent years. Instead of this, we are soon to be adding a second student to our Training Sponsorship. Firstly, we anticipate Burgess Warner’s return to bible college following healing prayer which has removed much of the pain from his foot. Secondly, Spencer Harris, Acting Church Secretary during Burgess’ sickness, is hoping to enrol for Agricultural Studies with the help of Wildwood Church Sponsorship. In addition, Philimetta Barnard has also asked to be considered for sponsorship to study nursing (but this isn’t possible on our current level of donations).The Holy Spirit was powerfully present during the week of prayer and fasting; two childless women were delivered from demonic nightmares and a 17 year old boy was healed of epilepsy. Two   children were born again and many confessions were made by the saved and unsaved alike. The whole church prayed against a group of anti-government protesters and their demonstration was called off!Finally, a little girl received a vision of Wildwood Church in a tall new building with over 800 members!
  • Youth Trip to Newday – Laura Green writes: As you are probably aware, we are taking a group of young people to Newday in August. We will be catering for the group, and would like to borrow some equipment if possible. We will need the following items:
    • Two double ring camping stoves
    • A camping fridge
    • A freezer
    • Several water canisters (including barrel style with tap)
    • 3 or 4 large saucepans
    • Camping kettle
    • 2 kitchen bins
If you have any of these items, or know of anyone else who would be willing to lend them to us for the week, please let Laura Green know in the next few weeks.
  • Summer Preaching Series – FAQs: This summer we would like to devote our preaching series to some FAQs (frequently asked questions) to do with our faith. This could be anything from big theological conundrums to questions about our personal relationship with Jesus. Of course we’d like to look at the questions which are most important to you and others here at Wildwood Church. So we’d like you to email in your questions – we’ll pick 5 of them to look at in July and August. Just click “reply” and tell us what your question is!
Prayer Focus:
If you have any prayer requests which you would like to share with the church send them to pray@wcf-stafford.org. And if you would like to get involved and commit to praying regularly please contact Bukky at the same email address.

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