Child sponsorship programmes… do they really work?

Child sponsorship programmes… do they really work?

For some years we have a child sponsorship programme in Liberia. This followed from a clear word from God when He said: support one man to stand on the rock and he will help others to stand. From that time on we have been in partnership with William Barnard. Through him many people, from Wildwood church and beyond, have faithfully given month by month to ensure that orphaned and other children could go to school.

So it seems reasonable to ask, does it work?

Well first of all, we see the reports each term, and the photos of the children growing.
Secondly, when we visited Monrovia in January this year, Jane and I had the privilege of seeing some of the graduates of the programme taking leadership roles in the church and the family.

But you can imagine how excited I was to read that a respected American academic has researched the impact of child sponsorship programmes and found hard evidence that they totally transform the life chances of the children involved. Have a look at this report:

Through God’s grace, we have been given the opportunity to be part of His work. Thank you to everyone who faithfully sponsors a Liberian child. If you have been considering being a sponsor, read this report, pray, and join us today!

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