Other Media

Here you will find a variety of audio recordings and material from various meetings, weekends away etc.

Liberia Visit 2019 Update

Graham Russell shared an update for the imminent Liberia trip. Slides Download Talk

Exalted to read God's word

Pat Parson shared her testimony on how she was exalted to read God’s word. Download Talk

Jousef Bunni's Testimony

Jousef shared his testimony how God has radically changed both his and his wife Rhanda’s life since they moved to Montpellier in France.Download Talk

Albania 2017

David and Lena shared about their trip to serve the church in Albania. Download Talk

Digging Ditches

During the Sunday Celebration (30th May 2017) there were a lot of contributions. Scriptures, pictures, prophetic words. Bob took some time to “connect the dots” between three of them. Have a read about “sacrifice. dig ditches. be diligent. be blessed” Download PDF 

Garry & Sue's Farewell

Garry and Sue shared their farewell testimony during the  Sunday Celebration on 18th September 2016. Download Testimony sue_garry_service1sue_garry_cake

Priya Padma's Testimony

Priya share her testimony during the Sunday Celebration on 17th June 2016. Download Testimony

Liberia Trip 2016

Listen to the Liberia talk and see the presentation given on Tuesday 5th July 2016 at Barnfields School here on the Liberia Aid page

Albania! We were there

Marina’s report on her trip to Albania. You can download the presentation here. Download Talk

Eclipse Stafford Half Marathon 2016 Launch

Eclipse Stafford Half Marathon 2016 Launch. You can download the presentation here.   Download Talk

The Youth Net

Update on The Youth Net from Samantha Phillips and Stephen Adamson. You can download the presentation here Download Talk

How to grow in God - prophetic pictures

Prophetic pictures presented by John & Val Blundell from Jubilee Church, Derby after Graham Pyman’s talk (also from Jubilee Church) on ‘How to grow in God’ sermon. You can download the pictures here Download Talk

Notice of Wildwood Church trustees change

Notice of the Wildwood Church trustee changes in preparation for the governance requirements as we move forward with ‘Park Life’. Download Talk

Stephen, Ryan & Caz's commissioning service

Commissioing service for Stephen Adamson as Youth Leader and Ryan & Caz Plowright who have moved to Stafford from New Zealand to work part time for the church.. Download Talk

Battling with cancer

David Perham’s testimony of his battle with cancer and God’s working through it.   Download Talk

Response to the Borderlands 2013 Prophecy

Graham Russell presents the initial response to the prophecy made over Wildwood and Rugeley churches at Borderlands 2013. You can download the slides here. Download Response

Borderlands 2013 - Wildwood Church & Rugeley Church Prophecy

At Borderlands 2013 Jeremy Simpkins brought a prophecy regarding growth of both Wildwood Church and Rugeley Church – having fished all night to have faith to cast our nets out again and prepare for the catch! Download Prophecy

Growing Together - Steve Hurd

Steve Hurd joined us for the ‘Growing Together meeting held on the 21/05/2013. He talked about the importance of defending our Faith and what it means to do so. Download Talk

Regional Celebration - Commissioning Markus Weber as an Elder

In November 2012 Markus Weber was commissioned as an elder for Wildwood Church. Listen to this Regional Celebration Service and the message from Jeremy Simpkins. Download Talk

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