AGM 2019

Secure People Serving

Markus Weber spoke about “Secure People Serving” – Sunday 19/02/2019

The slides are available here.






Robin Millar presented the 2017-2018 Wildwood Church accounts.

Finances Part 1 – Sunday 19/02/2019

The Finance Part 1 slides are available here.

Finances Part 2 – Church Family meeting Tuesday 21/02/2019

The Finance Part 2 summary is available here.


Youth Work

Stephen Adamson talked about the church Youth Work activities

Youth Work Part 1 – Sunday 19/02/2019


Youth Work Part 2 – Church Family meeting Tuesday 21/02/2019



Markus Weber presented the current status of Parklife – Church Family meeting Tuesday 21/02/2019.



Markus Weber gave a short update on the Wildwood Church Trustees – Church Family Meeting Tuesday 21/02/2019.


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