Graham’s Letter from America

Graham’s Letter from America

I am spending a few days in Washington DC, or ‘our Nation’s Capital’ as the Americans like to call it! In between meetings just walking from place to place in a city that is very familiar from the TV news, yet very different from Stafford is a fascinating experience. And being away from Wildwood gives an opportunity to reflect on all that God has been doing among us.

After praying through the summer for the fulfillment of God’s promises in His prophetic word to us, it is important that now, in the middle of the action, we don’t lose sight of the fact that this is his fishing expedition and He is in charge!

Last week we had the pub quiz and were overwhelmed by the number of guests. Tomorrow we have the first Alpha evening and we pray that people will follow up their interest and attend. On Sundays we need to stay alert to welcome visitors and as our Life Groups start tonight let’s ensure that they are established as great places for people to meet God, and His people. Looking beyond Stafford, it was great to have Steve with us last week, together with Graham Pyman who leads Jubilee church, a Christ Central church in Derby and is on Jeremy’s team. Meanwhile Markus is talking with Richard from Rugeley about what ‘fishing together’ with them might mean – and as a first step we will pray for Rugeley Community Church at our prayer meeting next week.

I don’t know whether distance gives perspective, as I type all that, it certainly looks pretty exciting from 8000 miles away!

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