Youth Work

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As a church we care passionately about young people, so we have a youth work team which runs a variety of activities and offers support to young people from the local area and our church.

Stephen Adamson heads up our youth work team and has been working for the church since September 2014. As part of our “impact year” program we regularly have young people to work for the church for a year as volunteer youth workers.

If you would like to find out more about anything to do with youth work please contact Stephen or one of the team at The Gateway.


FROG is the place to be if you love fun and games and want to find out more about God! We meet every Thursday (during term time) from 6:30- 8pm at the Gateway. Our activities include sports and games, Bible stories, crafty stuff and tuck shop.
For young people aged between 10-15.


Zone is a place for older young people to hang out together, talk about life’s big issues, and find out about God! We meet every Thursday (during term time) from 8 – 9:30pm at the Gateway. Activities include sports and games, Bible study and tuck shop. For young people aged 15+

Youth Church

Youth Church smYouth Church takes place every other Sunday during our Sunday service. At 11am after a time of worship with the whole church all the young people of high school age go over to the Gateway with our youth leaders. We spend some time talking about the sermon topic and play some games until about 12 noon.

If you would like to join us, just come along on Sunday and ask for Stephen!

Film Night

Most Fridays we have either a film night at the Gateway. We vote for a film and watch it on a big screen! We usually watch a film that is rated for people of 12 years or older. Film Night But if you are under 12 and would like to come and join in, make sure you bring a parental consent form with you, which will allow you to watch the film.

Please join us and bring your friends! We are really looking forward to seeing you!

Please check the calendar to see if there is a film night this Friday!

Boys’/Girls’ Nights

Every so often we have a Boys’/Girls’ Nights – ranging from movies, girls night pamper evenings or pizza making. If your up for an evening of fun get in touch with Jo, we’d love to have you!

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