Life Groups

Life Groups

Life group iconLife Groups are our small groups that meet during the week and where community life in WildwoodChurch really takes place as we spend time getting to know each other and God better.

Life Groups are about growing closer to God, caring for one another, living a Christ-like life, growing together as a church and helping each other to share our faith.

No Life Group will look the same and activities will be diverse! The best way to find out about Life Groups is visiting one! Our heart is that everybody in Wildwood Church is part of a Life Group. You’ll find information on all of our Life Groups below. Please get in touch with a Life Group leader on a Sunday morning or contact us at The Gateway or via our contact form today!

Sue and Mike's Life Group

We believe that the diverse range of folks in our life group makes it a special place to be! A variety of ages, gifts and experience provide a great little community in which we can worship, pray, get to know Jesus more, and apply the bible’s teaching to our lives.
We plan to have regular socials to which family and friends are invited. We meet on Tuesday evenings at 8.00 at a member’s house. We’d love you to try our Life Group

'Helen and Hilary's Life Group

 This life group is for people of all ages and backgrounds who are committed to focussing on God, caring for one another and building relationships with a commitment to meeting regularly on a Tuesday evening. We will meet on Wildwood or in Brocton on a Tuesday and will have other social events to which we can invite family, friends and neighbours. We will encourage one another to be involved in and contribute to other aspects of church life and activities.

David and Marion's Life Group

We would like to lead a group that would be eager to explore from the scriptures the inheritance promised to the followers of Jesus. We would start in the letter to the Ephesians, covering themes like: Being chosen and secure; our destiny and purpose; living in the Spirit, etc. We will have times of worship, and seek to pray for one another and support one another. We would also like to have occasional events that we could invite friends to.

Gordon and Becki's Life Group

We welcome anyone, of any age, of any faith or none. We seek to lead people to Christ and help believers strengthen their relationships with Father God by worshipping, praying and applying His precious Holy Word in the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that in seeking to apply God’s Word this will mean we are always outward looking, seeking to see people saved and established in their faith as well as personal transformation.
You will hopefully find tender loving care flowing from Jesus in this Life Group (so long as we all remain abiding in Him of course!!).

David and Linda's Life Group

 We meet on Tuesday evenings as often as we can to praise and worship God together and stay in touch throughout the week using e-mail, text and WhatsApp. When we meet we spend time in fellowship, praising God and reading His Word. As a result we often receive fresh revelation from Him both for our personal walk with Him and as a faith community reaching out to others.
Recently we have experienced challeges both in our health and financial provision but we have seen God perform miracles and we have witnessed wonderful answers to prayer. As a result we have a great expectation about what we believe God can do and our faith is stronger. As a group we continually seek to grow closer to one another and to the wider church family. As we look forward we are seeking what God has for us as individuals and as a group. God is amazing and we want to know Him more and more, to experience the plan and purpose He has for each of us.

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