Thank you for your interest in giving to Wildwood Church Stafford.

We are very grateful to our church members who regularly give money to the Church; we believe that the principle of tithing, giving 10% back to God, is a good place to start. We also have occasional special collections where we collect money for specific causes.

In addition to this internal income we also seek external funding for various activities and services which we provide from local government grants and other sources.

What do we spend the money on:

All this income is used to pay for all the various activities of the church: The Gateway, our youth work team, general running and administration costs, gifts to needy individuals and also gifts overseas (e.g. Aid for Liberia) to help needy people in other countries.

As a church we believe it is important to tithe, so we aim to give at least 10% of this income to overseas ministries.

We believe it is important to keep our finances transparent and clear. At our yearly AGM we give detailed accounts of our income and spending, this information can be requested at any time from the church elders or treasurer.

We have been blessed by God’s generosity financially and are continually seeking to ‘sow’ as much as we can believing that as we sow the seeds that God has given us we will see a ripe harvest. As a church we want to be a vibrant outgoing community which lives to serve others, so we want to learn heartfelt generous giving.

How to give:

It is possible to give to Wildwood Church Stafford in any of the following ways:

By standing order directly into our bank account. This is the preferred method as it involves less administration and enables us to budget more easily. A standard form for setting up a standing order can be downloaded by clicking here. If you have any questions about setting up a standing order, please talk to Robin Millar or Jane Russell on Sunday morning or contact them through The Gateway office (Tel: 01785 665062).
If you want to use telephone or internet banking, you will find the Wildwood Church details you need included in this download.

In cash, which can be placed in the giving box at the Information Desk at our Sunday meetings.

By cheque. Please make cheques payable to “Wildwood Church Stafford” and place them in the giving box at the Information Desk at our Sunday meetings.


If you want to contribute specifically to our ParkLife building project, you can do this by putting your donation (cheques payable to “Wildwood Church Stafford”) into an envelope labelled “ParkLife” and placing it in the giving box at our Sunday meetings or quote “ParkLife” as a reference in your bank transfer.

Gift Aid

Wildwood Church Stafford is a registered charity (No. 1169325) and is eligible to reclaim any UK tax that you have paid on your gift. This has the effect of increasing the size of your gift without costing you anymore. If you are a UK tax payer, please complete a Gift Aid Declaration (only needs to be done once) and return it to Jane Russell. A Gift Aid Declaration can be downloaded by clicking here.
If you use Gift Aid and give cash, please put your gift in an envelope and write your name on it. This will allow us to reclaim the tax you have paid. There are envelopes available for this with the giving box at the Information Desk.
If you use Gift Aid and give by cheque from a joint account, please ensure the cheque is signed by you, the person who has filled out the Gift Aid Declaration.

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