You’re Welcome!

If drama always gives us a new insight, then the presentation of Hannah’s life on Sunday was no exception. Robin’s innovative service had something for everyone as we worshipped together, but the demonstration of how not to welcome someone to […]



I am sure that sounds more like a sledgehammer for the month than a thought for the week to most people. So why talk about it? I suppose it’s because God has been giving me a nudge to do so, […]


Why pray?

We have been thinking about Peter a fair bit over the summer, and he is an engaging Biblical character. We can all see a bit of ourselves in his impetuous actions – sometimes foolish but always driven by passion and […]


Graham’s Letter from America

I am spending a few days in Washington DC, or ‘our Nation’s Capital’ as the Americans like to call it! In between meetings just walking from place to place in a city that is very familiar from the TV news, […]


Child sponsorship programmes… do they really work?

For some years we have a child sponsorship programme in Liberia. This followed from a clear word from God when He said: support one man to stand on the rock and he will help others to stand. From that time […]


Do you feel rich?

That’s not necessarily an easy question to answer. Do you mean have I got enough money? More or less than my neighbours? More or less than people in William Barnard’s church in Liberia? Or are you asking me a more […]


You are…

On Sunday we saw the need to get God’s perspective as Garry introduced our new series “You are…”. This image shows Stafford from the air – something we don’t normal see – but God spoke to me recently when I […]


Who does God say you are?

Greetings from Tajikistan-one of the more remote and different countries that I have had the privilege to visit! (For those who want to find it, locate Afghanistan and go up one country.) And yet as I write this at a […]


What does God think about?

What does God think about? Maybe that’s not a question you ever consider? But David was sure that, as a loving father, God thinks about us a lot (have a look at Psalm 139). So, next time you are feeling […]


Have you got a trowel?

Have you got a trowel? God is building His church and He is calling fellow builders to join Him. We will meet tonight (normally called Growing Together, but this time renamed as Building Together!) to review what God has been […]

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