Leah Weber


Fries or Mash?

It is sometimes said that you can survive on a diet made up only of potatoes and milk, but you have to eat a lot of them! I suspect that this is an urban myth – it certainly isn’t very […]


Oh Holy Night

Was that first Christmas night quite as silent and still as the carols say? Was the little town of Bethlehem characterised by deep and dreamless sleep? And did all of the sheep helpfully stay seated on the ground, despite the […]


A song for Christmas

“Let your kingdom come. Let these mountains move. Let unanswered prayer, rise again to you. For the more we ask is the more you’ll do. My heart is bursting again, God of power break through!” At our prayer meeting on […]


Season of good wool!

Whether you intend to wear an item of festive knitwear for charity on Friday 13th December or not, it’s hard to miss the fact that Christmas is now officially upon us (even if, like me, you haven’t quite finished picking […]


50 not out

Last Friday was the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy (JFK). Three bullets fired by lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald (or if you prefer five bullets fired via a vast and as yet undetected conspiracy) ended a presidency, […]


I can’t wait!

There aren’t many parts of the world that are unchanged since the time of Jesus or Paul. But at the moment I am working in Greece, under the shadow of the Acropolis, which dominates the skyline of Athens as it […]


Going together

When the children of Israel set off on their long journey to the promised land, God knew that they would need milestones along the way. He planned festivals where they could take time out to be together and to worship; […]


You’re Welcome!

If drama always gives us a new insight, then the presentation of Hannah’s life on Sunday was no exception. Robin’s innovative service had something for everyone as we worshipped together, but the demonstration of how not to welcome someone to […]



I am sure that sounds more like a sledgehammer for the month than a thought for the week to most people. So why talk about it? I suppose it’s because God has been giving me a nudge to do so, […]


Hands across The Chase

As we prayed for Rugeley Community Church last week, we noticed a couple of similarities with our own situation. They have just started an Alpha course, as we have. We both have similar number of guests attending our courses and […]

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